WHY would Cllr Lawrence Williams back the Wessex Fields development proposals when the planning application makes it abundantly clear it will be detrimental to the residents in his ward?

The Echo article Oct 27 quotes “significant growth” in Bournemouth and 2,000 jobs on Wessex Fields (some just relocating from the town centre – not new jobs) and the planning application figures show hundreds of extra cars on Castle Lane East and Castle Lane West as a result.

It also states the junction with Holdenhurst Avenue needs upgrading right now. But this will be held over until the complaints start coming in and then it will be carried out under the headline banner of “mitigation.” It shows 13 years of construction and after the nightmare Spur Road closures that will be required, any benefit to hospital traffic will be extremely short-lived once the offices are operational.

Bournemouth is building new flats and houses in town, but has empty offices which could be upgraded and the prospect of at least one more vacant department store which could be reclassified to allow people to live, work and hopefully, shop in the town centre, not commute to an already congested area.

Please read the planning application Cllr Williams; the facts and figures are all in there.


Chair, Holdenhurst Village Parish Meeting,

Elm Cottages, Holdenhurst Village