I RECENTLY wrote to the council with a possible suggestion to help the thousands of us stuck daily in the roadworks and it was largely ignored and answered with the usual platitudes as expected.

But why is it not possible to have real time information signs posted on the approaches to the A338 so that informed decisions are made prior to heading down that stretch of road?

If the wait time was displayed as '10 minutes delay' say, it would not be too onerous to sit in, but '50 mins delay' may prompt the driver to divert elsewhere as an alternative.

At least an informed decision could be made.

Currently, there is no information apart from displaying 'delays expected' or referring you to a website that has little information, save for works scheduled.

The work has to be done, we all accept that, but the council seem intent on making the next nine months as painful as possible rather than helping the very people that they are elected to serve with technology that is readily available.


Stirling Road, Bournemouth