THE figures for the lost growth to each region of the UK from the various Brexit scenarios still on the table, have recently been leaked from government assessments.

The figures show that projected lost growth across the UK, if the government gets no deal, will nationally be a devastating 8%; 5% down with some kind of free trade agreement, and 2% down if we remain in the single market.

Breaking it down region by region, the worst case scenario - that has still not be ruled out by the government - would see the North East lose a devastating 16% of growth, the West Midlands 13%, and the North West and Northern Ireland 12%.

In our own South West region, the figures show that - with no deal - our economy will lose 5% of growth; with a free trade agreement we will lose 2% of growth, and 1% if we remain in the single market.

These government figures represent a damning outlook for Britain and for our region. The government need to start being clear exactly what they are fighting for. They are still keeping 'no deal' on the table, despite how crippling it would be to our various regional economies. These figures underline exactly why the Liberal Democrats - whilst entirely respecting the verdict of the British people delivered in the 2016 EU referendum - believe that the same British people should be allowed a vote on the precise final deal which is eventually reached.


Parliamentary Spokesperson, North Dorset Liberal Democrats