WITH all the huge assaults on our public services you think it can't get worse and now we have a councillor in Bournemouth who thinks the best way to run libraries is strip out 80% of books and charge for services.

As you say Cllr Rose the public are outraged. This showing up in over 100 slamming comments in Echo on-line within hours.

You have clearly lost all sight Cllr Rose that we pay for these services. It's called council tax and business rates. Libraries are not free or unpaid for. They are paid for by the general public.

Your job as councillors is to provide the service.

And your notion of opening libraries up for education and classes. You have clearly also lost all sight that it was your party that shut down the central adult education centre in Bournemouth a dozen years ago.

Modern technology has to some extent changed reading habits. Much now can be accessed and downloaded online. But I wager anyone, if we had been using laptops and tablets for a century, and the "paper book" was then invented, we would in droves be switching over.

Nothing replaces a physical book with all its tangible features. And not just the reading it is the collection of books. With all the social connections visiting a library.

So my vote keep our precious public libraries and books. Get rid of 80% of councillors with Cllr Rose and his like at the top of the list. That would save a fortune.


Jubilee Road, Poole