Bournemouth University’s Whovians got a treat from the sixth doctor himself, Colin Baker, during their celebrations of the Doctor Who 50th anniversary.

Whovian Society founder and event organiser, Anthony Willis, surprised his fellow Whovians with a personalised message from Colin Baker, wishing them an enjoyable day.

Anthony Willis said: “When I first learned of the 50th anniversary I decided straight away that we needed to celebrate with a special day. Doctor Who is unlike any other show on the planet. It’s no surprise that it’s celebrating its 50th year.”

Fans enjoyed a day full of Doctor Who episodes, sonic screwdrivers and a Whovian-special quiz, before tuning in to watch former Time Lords team up in the BBC’s Day of The Doctor. Whovian Edina Morris, 18, said: “As a kid it’s the most magical thing.”

Fans showed their passion for the show by dressing up as their favourite doctors.

Society member, Wanda Engqvist, 19, dressed up as Jon Pertwee, her favourite doctor from the 1970s.

“I didn’t know who I was until I watched Doctor Who and found my favourite thing,” she said. “It opens up your mind to everything and still has the same effect 50 years on.”

Archaeology student Shelby Millard, 18, said: “Even though it’s universal, I love the true British aspects of it. That’s why no other countries could ever tamper with it.”

Doctor Who has been awarded as the longest running and most successful science fiction series in the world by Guinness World Records. The UK is one of 93 countries to have screened the anniversary special. Many Whovians went to Bournemouth’s Odeon cinema to watch the 3D screening of the Day of The Doctor.

Thousands of cinemas around the world offered fans the chance to watch Matt Smith, David Tennant and John Hurt, team up in the television special.