DORSET’S iced coffee brand Jimmy’s has been given the opportunity to break into the Australian market after being included in a hamper of British products given to Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison

PM Boris Johnson handed a bespoke hamper filled with food and drink products to his Australian counterpart as the two leaders agreed broad terms of a trade deal on Monday June 14.

The event aimed to showcase well-known Great British food and drink brands who are set to benefit from a free trade agreement with Australia.

Among the various items included in the hamper were samples of Jimmy’s mocha and original flavoured iced coffees in their new Bottlecan design.

Co-founder Jim Cregan said: “The Great British food programme has helped Jimmy’s Iced Coffee identify new markets to export product to.

“I have learned that unless you get yourself out there, you won’t have a chance to succeed at all.

“It’s this reason that I’d recommend them as they provide the best platform to succeed.”

Bournemouth Echo: Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Australian Prime Mininster with their hampers filled with food and drink items

The hamper was set up as part of the Great British Food Programme, an initiative delivered by Business West to support UK food and drink producers to engage with international buyers across the world with events, workshops, and an online directory.

Director of Commercial Services at Business West James Monk said: “UK food and drink companies are recognised for their quality across the world and The Great British Food Programme is a way for these businesses to showcase their products to overseas customers.

“The total value of goods exported from the South West to Australia in 2020 amounted to 238 million, accounting for 5.9 per cent of total exports to the market, showing the strong existing demand.

“We will be working with businesses to help grow exports even further and I would encourage food and drink firms big and small to sign up to the Great British Food Programme to help them grow their international business in a lucrative market.”

If you are a UK food and drink producer looking to break into international markets, you can sign up for the Great British Food Programme here.