I WRITE in total support of the letter written by David H Wells of Merley regarding his views on the Imax centre.

What a terrible waste to pull down this modern innovative building, surely a use could be found for this large expensive icon.

I have always thought it would make an excellent casino.

This could be open 52 weeks of the year for residents and tourists alike.

incorporated with it could be an amusement arcade to attract younger visitors, with more child friendly attractions in and around the building.

Also if we pull it down, surely the site would be used for more open-air leisure activities.

I read this as an extension for SD Leisure to increase their Water Front Fairground.

Whilst I have nothing against SD Leisure I feel the amount of rental they would be able to pay for this £8million site would be a drop in the ocean.

So let’s keep the Imax, let’s have ourselves the best casino and entertainment venue on the South Coast.

DAVE WELLS, St Clements Road, Boscombe, Bournemouth