SHOULD the Town Hall revert back to a hotel? (‘Convert Town Hall to hotel’ says landlord’, April 30) Would it be viable?

If it did it would probably be a Premier Inn or Travelodge, a bed factory not a proper hotel.

Recently my father-in-law wanted to stay in a good quality hotel in Bournemouth.

Sadly, although the hotel recommended had many stars, the menu was worse than a cafe.

It was no wonder the restaurant was only a third full when we ate on a Saturday night.

Whilst the Town Hall is a quality building in a superb location, it is unlikely to be a hotel.

Moving the Town Hall to Littledown would complete the gridlock of hospital, courts and insurance companies emptying out onto a totally congested road.

The theory of moving the Town Hall is good.

In practice, it would not be viable.

MIKE CARLILE, Bennett Road, Bournemouth