I WAS absolutely appalled to read about “suicide lessons” being given at the otherwise excellent school Poole High.

My grandaughter attends this school and I sincerely hope that common sense will be brought to bear and this appalling curriculum will be abolished before it does any physiological harm to any of the students.

We have experienced two such tragic deaths in our extended family and although we have to accept that these things happen it is not something that our children’s vulnerable minds should be exposed to.

Mrs Heafield states that ‘the subject is treated with sensitivity’. May I say categorically that there is no sensitivity in the world that can deal with this type of event.

Where on earth is the necessity for a young mind to have to deal with such tragic happenings? Let alone taught how different techniques are used which is always open to the experimental or the vulnerably disturbed.

Can the school know who these children could be?

It is also stated that these lessons are ‘part of the examinations’ and that ‘a full syllabus must be covered’.

May I suggest, in that case it should simply be withdrawn from the exam and the ‘syllabus’ and whoever, in their misguided wisdom, put it in should be dealt with accordingly. Preferably sacked.

There are so many tragic events we can encounter during our lives, violence, drug and drink abuse, and financial problems. Better they are taught how to deal with these problems which in so many cases have been the cause of a suicide.

RITA SHAW, (address supplied)