I totally agree with Bryn Davies (Letters February 13). In fact I would go further and let all the prisoners and crooks out and let all us old age pensioners go to prison.

It would be heaven for us. Just imagine not having to worry about trying to find the money to pay for the rent, council tax, gas and electric bills, telephone bill, water bill, TV licence and food.

It would be like a five-star hotel to us, kept in the warm and wouldn’t even have to cook our own meals.

We wouldn’t be lonely either as all our friends and neighbours would be in there as well.

Then see how the criminals would get on out in the modern day world and pay for their own living and cope with all the drug users, conmen and burglars etc.

In fact it makes you think of committing a crime just to get sent to prison – sheer luxury.

DEREK FELL Maureen Close, Poole