REGARDING the El Cabala coffee bar in Old Christchurch Road, there was one of the same name in Christchurch Road, Boscombe, opposite the Palmerston pub in the early 1960s.

Does anyone remember the stables the council had for their shire horses, dustcarts and carts?

My father drove a lorry for the council; the council had a few lorries as well as horse and carts.

Looking back it must have been a period of time when vehicles started to replace horses. It must have been 1943-44. I was seven or eight at the time.

In the summer holidays I used to go with my father. part of his duties was to deliver horse food to the stables. The stables that I remember were at the corner of Cranleigh Road and Stourvale Road called ‘The Rookery’.

The house is still there, where a Mr Webb lived who was in charge of the stables, also there were stables opposite Pokesdown station behind the trolley bus garage.

The entrance was in Morley Road and Palmerston Road, roughly where the Salvation Army is now.

There are still traces of the stables in Wharfdale Road, Westbourne.

The council had farms/small holdings, where the old bus dept was at Mallard Road, Holdenhurst Village and Wick Village.

KEITH DIMENT Marlborough Road, Bournemouth