IT would appear to me that the population of urban foxes seems to be increasing and not only that, getting bolder in the infiltration of the human world.

Driving through both Redhill and Moordown during daylight hours, I have been amazed to see foxes nonchalantly strolling down the pavement, unworried by the attention of humans.

It’s rather worrying, I think, in the recent light of attacks on children and pets, as reported by the national press.

Does the council have a policy as to how many foxes are allowed to live in urban areas before households are put at risk by the scavenging antics of these animals?

Believe me, as an animal lover I do not wish to persecute these creatures.

However, I do sense their numbers are increasing.

If matters do get worse is there a humane way of perhaps reducing their numbers?

I only ask as an owner of an elderly pet dog, who narrowly escaped the attentions of one particularly nasty fox.

GORDON SCOTT Maclaren Road, Bournemouth