ONE good thing to come out of the last Labour Government was the banning of fox hunting; unfortunately it has never been policed or upheld by the current coalition and now it seems ministers will be given a free vote to repeal it.

What arrogance it takes to even consider such a thing.

The act was never a mistake as the Prime Minister has stated; it was what the majority of people in this country wanted to see happen.

Hunting can never be classed as a sport, it is a barbaric, out of date activity enjoyed by heartless people who disregard any respect for the poor animal concerned.

Fortunately for many people living in urban areas they don’t need to think about it because they don’t witness the out of control pack of hounds running amok across private land, frightening elderly residents and even at times killing pet animals.

Neither do they see the fox chased to near exhaustion, tortured and then torn apart by the hounds.

It is vital that residents write to their MP to express their views as soon as possible and MPs must remember that they are representing their constituents, therefore they must and should vote on behalf of the majority and not for their own personal preference.

CLLR SALLY CARPENTER, Parkstone Ward, Poole