I, LIKE Mrs Vacher whose excellent letter appeared on July 9, live in an area of BH9 which is rapidly becoming an “Amenties Bermuda Triangle”. In the last few years all post offices and banks within an able-bodied person’s walking distance have disappeared and the No.24 was the only bus which ventured into the area.

After the introduction, last year, of the No.20 things looked much brighter.

Castlepoint could be visited at more or less half-hourly intervals, we could still get directly to the station (hourly) and to the Winton shopping area (hourly).

But, within a year, the BH9 Triangle Effect struck again. We are left with the No.20 which follows a devious route (via Cemetery Junction but carefully avoiding the Charminster Road shopping area and the station) to Poole, which is all very well if you have an urge to go for a day out (via Lilliput!) at the Dolphin Centre, but not much use otherwise.

What really rubs salt into the wound is the fact that, as I saw yesterday, the table of services on the Yellow Buses still lists the No.24!!

ANGELA WOOD, Shirley Road, Bournemouth.