FOLLOWING doctor’s advice, I finally decided to have a trip to Poole Hospital’s accident and emergency department to be checked over following an elbow injury sustained six weeks ago. Typically waiting times can be huge for A&E, so I rang beforehand to find out when is best (although that can go along the same lines as “How long is a piece of string?”).

Regardless, I still went armed with books and magazines, and warned my employer I would be late into the office.

What met me, however, was a brilliant team of staff, clean hospital waiting room, and a quick and efficient service. Even though it was a Friday, I was examined, X-rayed, had another appointment made and left within just an hour of walking through the doors. I cannot thank Poole Hospital enough for their brilliant, efficient manner. I was back at my desk before the working day had even begun.

JULIE KINSELLA, Stonecrop Close, Broadstone