I BOUGHT from a boot sale a very old pair of garden loppers for £2 and took them proudly home. When I came to use them for the first time, I found that a vital part was broken and they were useless.

Not downhearted, I went round a number of local garden shops/centres hoping that someone could help. You may imagine the answers I got.

Sadly, I returned home and as a last resort, I checked the internet. I found that the firm who had originally made them was German and, with little hope, I sent them an email.

Within a day I got a reply from a very efficient man asking me for details of the broken item.

Flabbergasted, I returned by email the information and three days later the part came through the post, no charge.

Do you think we here in the UK could learn something from this little tale?

Customers, courtesy, commitment. Ah, those were the days.

GEOFF LANGTON, Verwood Crescent, Bournemouth