THERE can be few things more heartbreaking for mum and dad, than to see their small child struggling to stay alive.

Claudia and Duncan Collins, however, were able to present to the camera a look of cheerful hope (Daily Echo, August 28).

Readers will surely join in wishing them better days ahead.

How nice it was to find that the parents were happy to praise the Myotublar Trust for the help and support that they had given to the family.

What a contrast to the usual moaning individuals who blame everyone except themselves for their predicament. Congratulations are due to Sally Adams for giving us a picture to enjoy.

Some Echo photographers seem keen to get the whole family looking as gloomy as possible before clicking the shutter, hoping I suppose for greater sympathy!

My problems seemed to vanish after reading about the Collins family.

May the coming days increase their smiles.

JACK LOVELAND, Parkwood Road, Wimborne