Earlier this week, along with many other guests, local mayors and councillors I attended Home-Start South East Dorset’s AGM & 15th anniversary celebrations.

For me, the most moving part of the evening was listening to one young mother’s experience of why Home-Start became involved in her life, two months before her twins were due to be born she suffered a brain aneurism and was rushed into Southampton Hospital where her babies were delivered prematurely on the neurological unit!

It was touch-and-go whether she would recover but when eventually she was discharged a health visitor suggested she accepted help from Home-Start.

The mum spoke gratefully of all the support she has received weekly from her volunteer, especially when it became apparent that her premature twins both had developmental problems.

I would like to congratulate Home-Start on doing such tremendous work in our community.

It was sad to listen to their treasurer describing the difficulties in today’s economic climate in obtaining funding, and once again their wonderful group of volunteers get involved in all manner of fund-raising projects. Let’s hope local businesses will offer sponsorship to such a worthwhile charity.

L Simpson, Bramley Road, Kinson