I would like to add to the debate started by your article about the late Mrs Julia Green’s funeral costs, and insurance policies (Daily Echo, October 23).

My condolences, of course go to Mrs Green’s family, and my sympathy for the undoubted distress they are experiencing. Regrettably, hers is not an isolated or unusual situation, but I am glad that the insurer involved seems to be taking a sympathetic line.

From my knowledge of them, whole life policies generally come with a lot of advice about the ravages of inflation and the likely buying power of their proceeds.

However, they may not be the best solution for funeral costs.

A better provision for funerals can be made by what is generally termed an inflation-proof funeral plan – this is not an insurance policy.

In Age Concern’s case, our plan guarantees the cost of cremation and all the usual costs and disbursements with the one exception of a headstone.

As an example of how these work, one taken out in the 1990s for, say, £900, will, when the time comes, pay for a funeral which at today’s typical price would be £2,500. Plans, which this month cost approximately £2,400, can be paid as a one-off, or monthly over any number of years from one to 10.

Peter Kendall, Age Concern Bournemouth