I READ with interest Tuesday, April 19 the article titled ‘New homes site set for approval’.

It said that an outline application for 550 homes north of Merley is being recommended for approval, despite local opposition in 2019 for more than 350 people only two in support – it also stated that the most recent consultation resulted in 74 objections none in favour.

Together with so many objections mentioned in the article from other concerns, how on earth can it possibly be recommended for approval?

It demonstrates that consultations are more of less brushed aside no matter how many objections are received to a given application.

Further in the article it goes on to say the developers will be expected to make a series of financial contributions if the scheme is to go ahead including £4.3m towards first and middle school expansions, £1.98m to improve local bus services £356,000 to support off-site small businesses and other contributions towards refuge collection and recycling.

If this is not smack of buying approval for a planning application, then what does.

I realise that developer contributions now seem to play a large part when an application is submitted before a planning committee.

However, it would seem now to carry more weight than the number of objections to any application.

Surely this practice should end and any objections by the local population should influence decisions more than any other factor involved?

Sadly, this type of situation is now becoming the norm with regard to planning applications.

COLIN MOYES Harkwood Drive, Hamworthy