THE Bus Services Act 2017 gave local authorities power to sort out bus services.

Raising parking fines to a level where they are deterrents plus a workplace parking tax could transform BCP's bus services by bringing all routes up to the excellent standard of the M1 and M2, frequent enough not to need to look at a timetable, running at night and you can track them.

The extra buses provided would all be electric. This would also end hunting for parking spaces for remaining cars.

We could also have free bus passes for over 60s and under 21s as in Scotland.

In the 1980s towns saw streets bulldozed to make way for dual carriageways and worse through towns.

That just means you have two or three lanes of traffic jams instead of one.

Staggering times of schools and workplace hours just means you have an all day rush hour instead of two short periods of traffic jams.

Buses and safer roads for cycling are the future for BCP and should be the present and should have been the past.

We are 30 years behind towns in Germany and Holland with this and it is time we caught up.

SUSAN STOCKWELL Britannia Road, Poole