IF, as seems increasingly likely, Putin ends his brutal, unwarranted war against Ukraine, after forcing the Ukrainians into an agreement that they will never join NATO, the West needs to seriously rethink it’s military strategy and not make the mistake of thinking that the threat of war – over as it did following the collapse of the USSR.

Firstly Nato members should amend the treaty to state that it will also come to the aid of any independent European state that is invaded – whether a signatory to the treaty or not.

Secondly, here in the UK we need to pass legislation that prevents any foreign investor holding more than 25 per cent of any British company or institution, and take steps to ensure that where foreign investors do have a stake in excess of 25 per cent, they are forced to divest themselves of holdings that exceed that amount.

Bearing in mind that it is not just Russian oligarchs who have used their (mostly ill-gotten) gains to buy up this country.

Thirdly, the private aircraft, yachts, expensive cars and property seized under the sanctions imposed on oligarchs as a result of Russia’s barbaric attack on a peaceful neighbour, should be sold off, and the money handed to Ukraine to help in the rebuilding of their country that has been devastated by Putin’s attack dogs.

Fourthly we need to put an end to the irresponsible, almost criminal, policies of reducing investment in our armed forces that have been pursued by all UK governments in the past 50 years.

It was the Fourth Century Roman general, Flavius Vegetius Renatus who famously observed “If you want peace - you must prepare for war” - the truth of which is borne out by the predicament in which the civilised world finds itself as we watch, almost helplessly as an independent, peaceful nation is being torn to pieces by a brutal invader.

ROBERT READMAN Norwich Avenue West, Bournemouth