AS A local resident, ward councillor and Poole Charter Trustee, I would like to add to Jason Lewis’ Echo (Oct 18).

A group of Poole Charter Trustees were consulted with regard to the Poole Civic Centre but the topic was only limited to the “Vertical Slice” front section of the listed building – which equates to about one fifth.

We were never able to discuss the building as a whole – as to the ultimate use in its entirety.

Public consultation has never been offered to the residents of Poole.

The report for cabinet was not agreed by the Poole Charter Trustees prior to overview and scrutiny on October 18.

Cabinet will vote on this on Wednesday, October 27.

The report states “specifically the intention is no longer to dispose of the Poole Civic Centre in its entirety but to maintain ownership of the core building to protect the mayoral connection and to consider alternate uses”.

It is not until p29 pt42 that the ultimate intention is explained as to the possible future of the building – “this paper assumes the freehold is retained at this time, with a view to potential future disposal for either residential or commercial development”.

Poole Civic Centre is a unique Grade 2 listed building and an important part of the history and identity of Poole.

It was absorbed as an asset when BCP Council was formed but it should be the responsibility of the council to protect it for the future.

It is a treasure which should be retained for the people of Poole – not dissected for short-term financial gain.

There are many possible uses for the remaining four fifths of the building which, if BCP retained ownership or the whole building, could bring in a regular income and provide the community with a multi-use facility which could include conferences, training, business and charity use, weddings, exhibitions etc.


Creekmoor Ward Nightjar Close, Poole