When is the council going to spend some of the money it said it had to redevelop Poole Town?

Visitors must think they have come to war torn Beirut.

We have scruffy dirty buildings, buildings derelict and buildings half-demolished or half-built and loads of empty ‘apartments’ that where once offices.

What was Westover Cars’ showroom as you come over the lifting bridge is empty now with flats over the top. That was due for demolishing.

National Tyres is tatty and needs a coat of paint and was due to be demolished. And as you come over the Twin Sails Bridge, what was a cheap car dealer’s and car wash is empty and looks like a, shanty town.

To name but a few.

Please BCP Council get your act together and tidy Poole up and please don’t blame it all on Covid.

Mary-Anne Wilson

Jacob’s Road, Poole