I AM outraged to be fined when parking at Castlepoint on July 21. I have shopped at Castlepoint for years – in fact, since it first opened.

I did not realise there was a time limit but clearly this is the first time my stay was over four hours. By the amount of other people commenting I am not alone in being penalised for my naivety and lack of attention to any signage.

It is ridiculous with the amount of retailers, restaurants, banks and a library in the vicinity that there are not prominent warnings. There is a neon sign as you drive in by Sainsbury’s that should display a warning.

I think it would also help if there were signs in the retailers’ windows to raise awareness.

There is much work to do to improve and prevent people from being fined.

I cannot help but conclude that there is a money making opportunity to pay for the remedial works to the disastrous car park saga that was a build defect.


Church Road, Ferndown