MANY of us are very sorry indeed to see there are planning proposals with BCP council to demolish In-Excess outlet building, in central Ashley Road, and put in a block of flats.

Such a hugely valuable outlet this has certainly come as a shock.

Every day the store is busy. So many home projects taken on as we have a first rate builders’ merchant in our high street.

If this all happens the store is going to be very sorely missed. And for Ashley with the knock on effect of one less major store drawing in shoppers.

As for the proposed development, it has to be said the larger part of 19th century Ashley Road desperately needs development and improvement.

Including and in particular the whole Co-op block.

For this proposed development there is precedence with the development in Ashley Road on the corner with Victoria Road. A vast improvement on what was there before.

And a first rate development at Sea View with a new Co-op with flats above. Again a vast improvement.

So on balance I think this is a welcome development. There are issues with housing density and the size of flats, loss of the largest part of ground floor retail, and who will manage the completed development.

So my vote the whole of the ground floor should remain retail and hopefully In-Excess will take a unit and stay in Ashley.

Or, take on half of the Co-op retail area which will be available when Co-op down-sizes to a convenience store.


Jubilee Road, Poole