I HAVE a great deal of respect for the Home Secretary, Priti Patel, but that respect has slipped a few notches since I learned of her barmy idea to make policing an ‘all graduate’ profession.

Our universities and colleges are already clogged with huge numbers of students chasing worthless degrees – worthless, that is, in the sense that most graduates will end up doing jobs for which a degree is totally unnecessary, in fact may even be a hindrance when applying for positions for which prospective employers would consider them to be over-qualified Drop it Priti, before this mad idea of yours spreads to the MOD and Defence Chiefs decide that a degree should be an essential qualification for anyone wanting to make a career in the Armed Forces.

It is insane proposals like this that make me think that anyone seeking election to Parliament should be compelled to undergo an intelligence test with a particular emphasis on establishing whether candidates have a modicum of common sense.


Norwich Avenue West, Bournemouth