THE inconsistent information from Government is causing anxiety and confusion among parents, the early years sector, and the general public.

While early years settings have remained open, lockdown rules are still in place, so it’s really unclear what the facts are around transmission between the 0-5 age group and adults, and what is safe to do.

We’ve heard some harrowing stories about how children are being treated out in public, with some being verbally abused, denied entrance to shops and libraries, and pulled away from other children.

While this isn’t anyone’s fault, it is a serious side effect of unclear guidance during this crisis.

Young children are extremely vulnerable to both the short and long-term consequences of the pandemic because of the critical stage they are at in their development, and inconsistent messaging is undoubtedly causing them further harm.

With the government’s upcoming ‘roadmap out of lockdown’, it is crucial they provide clear information about transmission rates between the 0-5 age group, and between this group and adults – and much clearer communication on this age group moving forward – so that we can make informed choices that protect our children and their futures.


CEO of Montessori Centre International