LAST summer we witnessed the backlash of being in lockdown for three months with unwelcome scenes of indiscriminate parking and other unpleasant activities.

Last year’s surge in the number of people taking a staycation has highlighted a lack of existing facilities for camping, caravans and motorcaravans and demonstrated that there has been a long-existing problem with the UK network of campsites.

Height barriers and prohibitions on overnight parking will not stop Britain’s 386,000 motorhomes travelling.

They haven’t spent £30,000+ on a motorhome to leave it on the drive.

CAMpRA Motorhome solution:

1. Relax restrictions to permit overnight parking and sleeping for self contained motorhomes, this can generate revenue for small businesses.

2. Remove height barriers/other restrictions.

3. Encourage campsites to allow access to water and waste points for a small charge, to remove the temptation to empty waste inappropriately (despite bad press this is not common practice amongst motorcaravanners).

Trial measures can be temporary for the duration of 2021.

Allowing motorcaravans to park closer to towns and villages encourages spending in local businesses. (Campaign for Real Aires) are available to assist and advise you.

Together we can be prepared, not only for 2021 but for future years.

ELAINE BLANCHARD Fairmile Road, Christchurch