WE ARE concerned to read in today’s Daily Echo that Cllr Greene is proposing to revoke the closure of Whitecliff Road Keyhole Bridge.

The Echo goes on to say this decision is following a promise to respect the views of the area’s ward councillors.

It does not surprise us that Mrs Stribley has that view as we have spoken to her many times regarding the use of the Keyhole arch as a general through route from Sandbanks Road to Poole and have received negative responses.

Statistics reveal that the 6am to 10am closure saves some 3,000 vehicles from using that short cut route.

Although not quoted it is obvious that a like number of vehicles are using the Whitecliff route from Poole in the late afternoons/evenings.

Living in Whitecliff Road we witness the evening rush hour traffic on a regular basis as well as the boy racers who use it on summer and winter evenings returning late at night.

Commuters keen to get home and boy racers drive fast and hard endangering those unloading children and dogs who, rightfully, wish to use the adjoining leisure facilities.

Statistics indicate that accident levels are very low but do you really want to recreate potential for a serious accident.

On the whole walking in Whitecliff and Poole Parks is much safer and healthier now.

Aggressive cyclists have always been a problem to walkers. More of them now are using the road rather than the Whitecliff footpaths which is an improvement.

We urge you to ‘call this decision in’ for further discussion as it seems to fly in the face of the public’s wishes. It should be put to a full council meeting as Cllr. Slade is reported to have said.

A lot of money and time has been spent refurbishing Poole Park and installing extra and very much used footpaths at Whitecliff Park the benefit of which will be seriously spoilt if the bridge is re-opened.


Whitecliff Road, Poole