WE KNOW that we are in the middle of a global pandemic and it really doesn’t contribute to our collective mental health having to listen to newsreaders bombarding us with statistics about how many have caught the virus and how many have fatally succumbed to it.

Why not just for a change, let us know just how many of those struck down by the virus have recovered and, perhaps more importantly, how many of those admitted to intensive care units have survived? There is a great deal of truth in the words of that much-loved Monty Python song “Always look on the BRIGHT side of life”.

Those who face the current situation with a ‘glass half full’ rather than ‘a glass half empty’ attitude, will be able to not only confront and cope with the hardships, but come through the experience in a far better frame of mind.

We need hope mongers, not doom mongers.

Bob (Robert) Readman

Norwich Avenue West, Bournemouth