I DESPAIR of those who do not and will not wear masks in shops and supermarkets.

Every one of us who is carrying Covid virus, often not knowing, are carrying a loaded hand grenade.

We only have to cough, or sneeze, and we release millions of virus spores into the air.

And not just the coughing and sneezing.

If you have the virus you are breathing out virus spores, as an aerosol.

Wednesday morning I ended up speaking to a young man shopping in a supermarket who works in a chemist of all places. You would think he would know better but no mask on so I asked him why not.

He said he was exempt because he has asthma. And words to the effect it wasn’t my business.

I asked why then no lanyard with an exemption card on display. I got no coherent reply.

It is then surely high time that supermarkets refuse entry to anyone who is not wearing a mask.

Or has a valid exemption card.

But then you can buy fake exemption cards on Ebay for £3.

That then adding another level of problem, is an exemption card valid or fake.

In all a very sorry business and I am very sorry indeed if it should fall to very hard working, front-line supermarket and shop staff, to refuse service to those not wearing masks, or with genuine exemptions.

But it surely has to be done.

All this huge pain of lockdown, Covid II considerably more infectious than Covid I, businesses falling by the day, children losing out hugely on education, surely the very least we can all do is wear a mask.

Carrying a virus we breath out is deadly.

All the reasons to prosecute those who will not wear masks.

And not just protecting others but protecting ourselves.


Jubilee Road, Poole