ALEXANDER Boris de Pfeffel Johnson is in the wrong job.

Three weeks ago Keir Starmer, leader of the opposition, warned Boris that Boris’s post-lockdown tier system would not work. The infection data showed this plainly but Boris was entirely dismissive saying, Don’t worry about that. Just support us.

Last week Keir Starmer again tackled Boris on the subject. Evidence of failure was impossible to ignore yet Boris was again entirely dismissive.

“I think that [Starmer’s] time would be better employed supporting our wonderful initiatives, supporting community testing, encouraging people to get a test and encouraging people to get a vaccine, rather than continually attacking what the NHS and the government are trying to do.”

Three days later, the situation turned so bad that even our vacillating and indecisive Prime Minister had to act, introducing a Tier 4 and, with just a week to go, trashing the Christmas plans of the country.

Yet even with these tardy actions trouble lies ahead. Nationally, the infection rate will top the previous maximum before this letter is even printed and locally, in Tier 2, the rate is rising strongly, doubling perhaps every 10 days.

We simply have the wrong man in 10 Downing Street. He is by nature indecisive when we need clear decisions and obsesses with fancies and image while meaningful matters, they can just go “Pfeffel”.


Bloxworth Road, Parkstone