DID anyone take up the £50 bike voucher scheme?

Your government gave out £50 to have our bikes repaired. I think the idea was partly to make us lose weight!

I had no problem getting my voucher via an email. But there were no shops near me signed up to the scheme. That voucher has now expired. My bike is still in the garage with perished tyres and no brakes.

Rather like the Eat Out scheme. That only helped spread the coronavirus and now we, instead, face another full lockdown.

In the meantime MPs, mayors, and of course your prime minister, go home with a huge salary.

Being a pensioner, without any add-ons, one third of my so called benefit is used to pay the council tax. For a property I don’t own, and is in dreadful state of repair. I don’t have a landlord to complain to, nor am I able to secure a future by selling up.

This is a perfect example, where the law is not fit for purpose. It is to me, totally unfair that people such as MPs sponge off we the taxpayer and then, almost could not give a fig, about real people in circumstances not created by themselves.

In the 1980s under Thatcher’s government, there was a recession. Did we get any help? No. Now billions upon billions of our British pounds is being used to prop up what were going to be failing businesses. Unemployed people will get some support. That is how it works. Or should do.

If you want to bring down the price of homes and rent, stop feeding the system. Landlords and sellers will have to then accept what is being offered.

Who sold off council housing? The Conservatives and New Labour. Why? Because, they wanted to balance the books. To make them look good.

Oh well, now we have to see, how many of us will still be alive next spring.