AS A pensioner now well into my early seventies, I, like many others of my age and beyond have had to endure ‘lockdown’, ‘self-isolation’ or ‘shielding’ and have been totally subjected to boring television on all channels (including Sky) to get me through my most empty days.

Most if not all of the time it is either boring repeats or repetitive programmes like cooking, house purchasing or auction sales – they do the same with repeating the same old films week after week.

The highlights of every weekend are mostly geared towards those under thirty, of whom many are out there partying and breaking all the ‘coronaviris rules’.

Yet now over the past months I have soon got to hate my TV – despite the BBC demanding even more licence money and ending the over seventy-fives free licence for the rubbish that they keep on shoving down our necks.

However, prior to me throwing my telly out of my window I have now discovered and installed Netflix.

Anybody feeling just the same as I did, I recommend you do the same.

Netflix offers such a variety of films, documentaries, comedy and series that you would not be able to view fully in your lifetime – and they keep on adding.

My home TV entertainment has never been so fulfilled and it its not that expensive to subscribe to.

I have even installed it on my laptop should I have to go into hospital – save paying for expensive NHS TV.

Netflix is the future of TV and it is about time the BBC and other TV channels woke up to recognise that.

We now hear about Britbox a subscription channel costing £5.99 per month to watch even more repeat programmes on TV that one has already paid for, and continue to do so via the TV licence.

How are they getting away with that scam?

According to my survey, many try the 30 day free trial then don’t bother afterwards.

I shan’t either because I got all I need right now – now that I have got Netflix.


Wellington Road, Bournemouth