I HAVE resided in Stour Way for 30 years and have seen many changes in my time.

I remember when developers put proposals in for the copse on the corner, it was turned down because it was not suitable for the area.

If the care home development goes ahead, what excuse would the council give to future proposals by developers to turn down planning applications for a care home on that site? The mind boggles!

I am well aware there is a shortage of care homes in the conurbation, but the proposed development is totally wrong for this area on many accounts, primarily the traffic problems.

Probably continuous throughout the day and night with ambulances, visitors, delivery vans etc. At the best of times it’s not the easiest road to negotiate with parked cars on both sides of Hurn Way.

Vehicles will also create congestion problems along surrounding minor roads. Then there is the loss of trees, all of which have tree protection orders on them. I could go on and on.

I’ll wager the members of the planning committee do not live down Hurn Way!


Stour Way, Christchurch