WHAT the heck is BCP thinking about?

There are more cars on the roads now, partly due to an influx of people from other countries.

The council is always saying how short of money they are, yet they are spending it on enormous boxes plus soil and plants to close roads. Leven Avenue is one. Yet they can’t maintain the ones in Wimborne Road, Winton and Moordown. They are a disgrace.

They would be better getting people with a hoe to the gutters and pavements to clear the foot-high weeds in our streets, also repairing and clearing some of the street signs. Down Muscliffe Lane, two are on the ground and have been for months. Along Surrey Road joining the dual carriageway, the sign has been down for months. Redhill Park and Ensbury Park had railings removed and piles of earth put in their place. Why? They’ve been good for years, then BCP had a brainwave and now it looks a mess – weeds 4ft tall.

Traffic lights at a main road on Castle Lane West have been lying where they were knocked down. How much longer? It is a very, very busy road, ambulances and police cars racing up and down all day and night. I thought this should be a priority.

And as for getting people back on bikes, what about the disabled and elderly? Wake up BCP.


Castle Lane West, Bournemouth