YOU published three letters on one day from people concerned about the mayhem on the beaches in Bournemouth. The most sensible suggestions came from Don Howie of Poole.

The lockdown has meant that holiday makers who would normally have jetted off the Europe in search of the sun are seeking the sun and sand in the UK. Luckily, we have a lot of it because we are an island.

Then we come onto the vexed question of the responsibility of the BCP. Having lived in Poole for 53 years and enjoyed the beaches and sea with my children, I find it odd that the current elected members of the BCP have not come up with a proper plan. They seem to have developed a blame attitude towards the holiday makers.

The beach facilities in this area are second to none in the UK, therefore we should be looking after it as a very valuable asset.

Come on BCP, get your priorities right.


St James Close, Poole