IN yet another View from Norwich Avenue West , Robert Readman gets it wrong (Letters, August 10). Whilst it is true that Covid-19 has brought about an unprecedented situation, it does not take hindsight to see that the government got things wrong.

The poor handling of the supply of PPE was evident from the start. Equally, despite Boris’s boasts, the track and trace system has been poorly managed from the start and is still not fit for purpose. Furthermore, the government got things wrong because it failed to learn from the experience of other countries.

However, to blame just the government alone is unfair. It is clear that there is a portion of society as we have seen locally who don’t comply with the guidelines and still see in shops and on buses. They don’t care or cannot be bothered.

Many youngsters don’t bother because they think it won’t affect them. They forget that they can pass it on to parents and grandparents. Some celebrities, notably professional sportsman, consider they are above it all. It is about time that the government and the media started to actively condemn their behaviour and make failure to comply as socially unacceptable as drink driving and smoking.

Until then, those of us who have tried to keep to the guidelines also have to suffer restrictions because of this selfish minority.


Laidlaw Close, Poole