LITTER is becoming a big problem in our country. It is not just a matter of excess packaging – it is a matter of attitude and personal responsibility.

Everything we throw away has either been bought by us or given to us. So when it comes to disposal, we need to put it in our domestic wheelie bin, recycling bin or public waste bins. We have found that some people are littering when a council bin is visible and nearby.

Items good enough to pass on can be taken to a charity shop or upcycled. Bulky items can be taken to the tip and domestic or commercial waste can be collected by council skip.

Channel 5 is showing some essential viewing with plenty of facts and live footage. Filthy Britain SOS on Sundays at 8pm and The Secret World of Your Rubbish on Thursdays at 8pm.

Workers dealing with fly-tipping, blocked drains, commercial and domestic waste and landfill sites deserve our deepest gratitude. A sense of humour, good teamwork and a strong stomach seems to be the key!

I hope we can make their work easier by changing habits and attitudes of those who do not care or are unaware and strive to reduce our national and local waste. Landfill will run out in 5-10 years.

We need to plan now for better ways of reducing and disposing of our waste.


Creekmoor Ward Nightjar Close, Poole