THE news that after 50 years, Argos will no longer be producing its twice-yearly run of millions of 1,600-page catalogues is great news for the planet’s rainforests.

Hopefully others – particularly in the travel industry will follow suit.

It is beyond comprehension that the biggest tour operators and cruise operators still publish as many as 20 different brochures several times a year – most of which end up being sent to recycling plants, without ever being opened.

The mind boggles at just how many trees are destroyed in order to produce billions of bulky brochures and catalogues – it is an inexcusable squandering of natural resources.

Perhaps the Department of the Environment should look into imposing a tax on every brochure/catalogue published.

After all – in just two years the introduction of the charge for single use plastic bags has reduced the number used by 95 per cent!

Robert Readman

Norwich Avenue West, Bournemouth