WE read now of plans to build on the upper part of Turlin Moor playing fields, with goodness knows how many dwellings crammed into the spot.

One wonders over the years if the powers that be have ever stopped to question whether the infrastructure in Hamworthy can take the additional building of homes.

The roads in and out of Hamworthy are congested now as they are only served by two bridges and one exit road to Upton.

Years ago, Hamworthy had several petrol stations on large sites all have now been built on, several with flats or apartments.

The large JR Smith site was built on as was the Carter tile site again with apartments several stories high.

We also have the large Moriconium Quay built on the old Dorset lake shipyard. Several hundred homes have been built on what used to be the Harkwood farm, the old Metal Box site is now partially built on. I could go on and on in this vein, but the point is made that the size of Hamworthy has increased dramatically over recent years.

Some time ago families had one car per household, now there are at least two, perhaps three or four, which in turn means more traffic on the roads, which takes me full circle to my original statement about the infrastructure.


Harkwood Drive, Poole