I WRITE in response to Cllrs Haines and O’Neil who complain that there has been no consultation on the Evening Hill cycle path.

Firstly, the consultation was open at the time their letter was published.

Secondly, plans to help watersporters use the local facilities had been presented by the BH Active Travel Forum to the main vocal opponents of the scheme but had been rejected out of hand.

To suggest a family would not be able to get dropped off while one of them parks somewhere else is a pathetic excuse. They also point out how dangerous the roads are and how this puts people off cycling.

Thirdly, there are many parking spots (with no parking charges) very close to the Evening Hill viewpoint. Perfectly accessible to the disabled community and others. One wonders what the Cllrs are thinking – do they seriously want to encourage high car use in the sandbanks area with the recent calamitous traffic woes?

Finally, the money for these (trial) schemes was given out by the Tory government with extremely short timescales. Further money was promised but only if the timescales were met. The lack of a pre-consultation therefore lies entirely with the Conservatives and not the BCP Council.

But let’s not let facts get in the way of a good moan, eh?


Cowper Road, Bournemouth