I READ Bruce Oliver Newsome PhD’s letter about the collapse of responsibility and almost totally agree with him.

The only area I would differ is that the irresponsible members of the public are not the only culprits.

Our council, and government, makes laws and bylaws to maintain some element of civilised behaviour and to protect the citizens of our country. So well and good but they do not supervise, monitor and confront selfish people who think they can do as they please and ignore the rules.

I believe some irresponsible and selfish people think the laws apply to others but not themselves. All they care about is that they do what they want and everybody else has to accept it.

Just look at the recent invasion of Bournemouth beach by 500,000 people who totally ignored the two metre rule and the council’s plea that they should go home.

Where were the police and the council? If there is an explosion of Covid-19, will they take the blame?

I heard a man who was confronted when double-parking say, “I don’t care if they fine me, it’ll be worth it.” How do you deal with that attitude? As for human faeces on the beach, I rest my case.

As far as I can see, neither the council nor the police do anything to enforce the law or the bylaws.


Tuckton Road, Bournemouth