I READ with interest the letter from Cllr Stephen Bartlett in respect of his support for the Conservative motion of no confidence in the Unity Alliance leader Vikki Slade.

Stephen makes a factually fair point about the representation of Bournemouth Conservatives on the cabinet, however he has failed to grasp that this is the political reality on virtually every council in the country. Whether he likes it or not we live in a liberal democracy where the role of a strong and healthy opposition is vitally important.

The Conservatives control the powerful overview and scrutiny committee where if they wished they could make important and meaningful suggestions and recommendations. Instead under the current leadership they have made it a meaningless point scoring exercise devoid of substance. Perhaps when the Conservative group change their leader or their modus operandi they will find people will be more prepared to listen them.

Stephens contribution has always been valued and listened to by the UA and I have no doubt that will continue. However, if his support for this motion had succeeded then the he would have found a very less open, transparent and representative cabinet running the council.


Christchurch Town, BCP Council