CLLR Dion is right to say “The purpose of government is to protect the community ...Leadership is about action” (Letters, June 27).

The government’s own advisers, the Committee on Climate Change, have just issued a deeply critical report of HM government, pointing to their “Dad’s Army” response to the climate crisis. Many are now waking up to this leadership failure and the head-in-the-sand climate action at Boscombe Pier reported in the Echo on June 26 highlighted the failures of world leaders to act in time to protect life on Earth. 2050 is indeed too late: decarbonisation needs to be happening at speed and scale right now.

So it would be very helpful if, instead of politicising everything, BCP councillors could pull together on the biggest-ever threats to wellbeing and write about their plans to protect us all and help salvage what we can while we can (harvests, soils, water, wildlife, the cliffs...).


Parkwood Road, Southbourne