I WILL abstain from the comments on the crowds at Bournemouth beach, good or bad for the town, except for three things. It is hardly asking a lot to those enjoying the beach to bring a black bag and bring home their rubbish. What’s the problem?

Secondly, did anyone notice the lack of children, hardly any, and no old-timers with hankies on their head? No, this was fundamentally 18-30, and perhaps the genteel resort is changing forever.

My main gripe though is the music. Music everywhere on the beach, ghetto blasters, phones, from cars, even a rapper in the Lower Gardens with blaring speakers. I think of the seaside and children playing, laughing, screaming, crying, arguing, just enjoying themselves, but this has all changed. My friends did not think it conceivable that I could become grumpier, but my goodness, I can still surprise them.


Dean Park Road, Bournemouth