DOES the council really want to take the responsibility of Bournemouth becoming the Covid-19 hotspot for the country?

It is plain to see that BPC has made Bournemouth open for business! The car parks are full, visitors clearly not from Bournemouth, large mixed groups on the beach clearly not social distancing, party groups leaving beer bottles, cans, general litter and disposable barbecue parts scattered on the beach. Long queues formed, crossing and along the promenade, for use of the one toilet open at the Chine, where there are also long queues and people queuing and congregating for takeaways and alcohol. Even the bucket and spade shop is open. Why?

We are residents of Bournemouth living very close to the beach and feel the council are not protecting local residents but encouraging people from outside the area to come down for the day.

It is horrendous, especially with bank holiday coming up this weekend! It is really not the time to encourage tourism, that time will come but it is not now. We can only hope that the ‘R’ rate which is held in such high regard by scientists does not go up in Bournemouth.


Upper Terrace Road, Bournemouth