I AM writing in response to Robert Readman’s letter (May 9) in which he states that he sees “precious little sign of help from any ‘loving’, ‘merciful’ deity…in the fight against Covid-19”.

This statement raises the age-old issue of suffering with which we all have to contend, whatever our religious beliefs or lack of them. No human being has the complete picture, but the Christian view is that we have the comfort of knowing that God is with us in our suffering, whether from Covid-19 or some other problem.

He is not a merely a distant ‘deity’, but he came to us in the form of Jesus Christ to suffer and die in agony on a cross to take the punishment for all human evil – our deepest problem.

The Christian message is that if we repent of our own evil and contribution to human suffering, we can know God’s forgiveness and peace, which also sustains us when we ourselves suffer.

As the Christian apologist John Lennox has said, Christians have not solved the problem of suffering, but have come to love and trust the God who has suffered for them.


Crescent Road, Parkstone