I HAVE often been at a loss when one or two residents appear to object to initiatives which would actually benefit everyone living within the boundaries of BCP, but currently this has attained a ridiculous level.

Firstly, I read with utter disbelief, Conor O'Luby's letter regarding the Winter Gardens scheme. Firstly, if I can correct his misapprehension regarding the alleged non-inclusion of affordable housing, it is my understanding that the developer has in fact undertaken to provide £1million for affordable housing within the borough. This would enable otherwise empty sites or those in need of restoration across the borough to be brought back into use as affordable housing thereby actually providing more housing than originally planned.

In its current state the Winter Gardens site is, quite frankly, an eyesore and I cannot imagine why anyone would object to a completely rundown area being used to build housing that would attract more people to the borough and the extra revenue that would accompany them. Add to this the bonus of £1m worth of affordable housing provided at no cost to local residents, it seems to me to be a win-win situation. I note Mr O'Luby's comments about trees needing to be cut down and whilst I agree this is regrettable, using this logic we would be completely unable to build any new housing and would all need to pitch tents under the trees to live in! Moreover, replacement trees will be planted within the scheme.

The other issue completely without reason relates to the Wessex Fields development. Again, office blocks would bring extra revenue and much needed employment to the borough in an area that is otherwise unused. There is absolutely no doubt that the proposed road would reduce traffic along Castle Lane and around the hospital and the whole project has been explained and quantified by Cllr John Beesley. Of course Wendy Sharp and Cllr Lesley Dedman have every right to disagree but both have failed to put their case forward. It's easy to announce “This won't work” but statements aren't good enough. They need to provide facts to back their assertions – and the only facts we currently have prove the positivity of the proposal.

NANCY CURTIS, Sea Road, Boscombe